Monday, November 13

It's about time someone said it.

Liberals have a lot more in common with Christians than Conservatives. To quote an article by Tom Krattenmaker:
Apparently, those of us who hold different positions on the hot-button issues as framed by social conservatives — those of us who turn our attention and hearts to other imperatives such as peace-making, poverty relief, environmental preservation and tolerance — have no values. According to the rhetoric of social conservatives, progressives are the "anything goes" lot. Secularists, liberal Christians and followers of other faiths — we're the ones tearing America down with our moral weakness and hostility to the conservative Christian worldview.
Dwight Moody, a Baptist minister and writer on religion and culture, had this to say about values in a recent e-mail exchange with me: "Progressives, moderates and liberals are also undergirded by deeply held moral convictions, much of it driven by a religious and Christian view of the world: the value of creation, the dignity of the human person, the need for equity and justice, the cause of the poor and the dispossessed. These are values rarely articulated by the religious right, but they run deep and wide in the Bible."

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