Sunday, December 4

the corporate media are as useless as...

So, I was surfing around at some of my usual news feeds and I came across an article at commondreams about the corporate media failing to cover the aclu's recent report which presented significant hard evidence, gained through extensive foia requests, that the cia, military intelligence and the navy seals have been murdering detainees in a variety of nasty ways. There is also clear evidence that decisions made at the top of the food chain (Rumsfeld, Sanchez and others) have authorized the techniques that led to these murders.

The aclu's report was apparently picked up by AP and UPI wire services immediately, but 95% of America's corporate media ignored it. A few newspapers covered the story, though it was not front-page news for any of them. MSNBC put it on their website, but did not air it on television. The story hit the wires on October 25, 2005. I wonder how long it will take for it to be reported on TV.

The news media are supposed to perform a function in America. I think that is supposed to be one of the big reasons why the electronic media are favored with free bandwidth.

Well, perhaps you, the dear readers, can help me out here.

I'm looking for a proper description of how useless the corporate media have become in helping the citizenry to be fully informed about what the government is doing. The first thing that popped into my head was the ever useful, "as useless as tits on a mailbox." Well, that's ok, but it's not quite good enough. Then, "as useless as a competent biology teacher in a Kansas classroom," came to mind. Good, but still not just exactly perfect.

Help fill in the yawning void; "as useless as..."

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Steve in MD said...

Well, you know, I don't want to trivialize your comments. But I would say that the media is as useless as Coors 'sex in a canoe' Light.