Wednesday, October 14

Julie Waters e-notes: Wed, October 14, 2009

So here's the deal: I spent the better part of a weekend working on the new CD. I had this great plan: video record the whole thing, create this cool interactive streaming video project with a professional quality recording of some great new music, all done on one single instrument from start to finish.

The problem is, I kind of blew it.

I didn't check the sound quality as I was doing it; I mean, I checked it, but I didn't REALLY check it, so I missed that everything was getting this annoying buzz throughout the whole thing. So... long story short, I can't use anything I recorded over the weekend to do the CD.

This doesn't mean giving up on the project. I've worked hard on this and I think I'm ready, but have to find another chunk of time to do the whole thing and do it right.

In the meantime, I've got this cool little video project that has decent (just not professional) quality sound. So I'm putting it up on youTube, one video at a time, and making a playlist which allows you to stream the whole "first draft" of the album.

You can see the playlist as it evolves, right here:

and it will be available on the main page of my web site for some time.

If anyone likes what they're hearing and wants to pre-order the CD, just drop me an e-mail at
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