Friday, December 1

Friday Bird Blogging: The Northern Mockingbird

Any number of times, I've heard an interesting sound while out looking for birds, only to discover that it came from a mockingbird. Even so, I'm rarely disappointed; these are striking birds, with a true elegance to their appearance.


kstorm said...

Did you see him locally? I hate to say it but mocking birds can drive you crazy. I lived in Massachusetts and was surrounded by moncking birds, one of which used to love to sit in the middle of the circle of townhouses. In the middle of the night. and sing and sing and sing. It took me a while to realize he was getting an echo back which he obviously liked. But at 2 a.m. he was not welcome.

Julie in VT said...

We actually have a mockingbird hanging out in our yard-- I think if I had a ton of them, it would get old, but the one we've got isn't a loud nightbird.