Friday, June 8

Friday Bird blogging: The Baltimore Oriole

Orioles do not winter in the north but tend to arrive around the same time as the rose-breasted grosbeaks and it takes me some time to relearn the differences between their songs each Spring, but the visuals are completely distinct. Orioles in sunlight are among the most beautiful birds of their size: brilliant, bright orange intermixed with black glowing in the sunlight as they fly across the lawn. Beautiful sight.

Once the trees start to leaf out, they're not nearly as easily spotted, but now that I've relearned the song, I'm hearing them pretty much everywhere I go whether I see them or not. There's at least one breeding pair in our yard, if not two. When the fledglings show up, it's real fun-- swarms of yellowish orioles splashing in puddles, which is so much fun to watch.

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