Friday, July 6

Friday Bird Blogging: The Belted Kingfisher

Watching this bird with this fish was a real treat. The Kingfisher didn't seem to know exactly what to do with it at first, and kept finding ways to turn it around in its beak while trying to sort out how to move it from beak to stomach without dropping it. It did eventually succeed, but it took some time.

I've been tracking a group of kingfishers hanging out in the same place for a couple weeks now. Clicking on the first links to thumbnails of a series of pictures of them. Clicking on the lower one gets you a larger version of that picture.


Arthur said...

Those are some great pictures of a Belted Kingfisher. I live in the Netherlands and saw my first kingfisher here a few weeks ago. We have only Common Kingfisher here, and although they are called 'common' they are still quite hard to find. It was on my birthday that we visited a bird hide and there were two Kingfishers just 10 meters away from us diving for fish. They stayed there for about 15 minutes, it was a real treat and a great birthday present. :o)

Julie in VT said...

Arthur-- I've only ever seen the Belted Kingfisher. At some point, I'll try traveling to other spots to investigate other kinds. That sounds like a real treat,