Monday, November 21

In Today's News...

From AP:
The House agreed to reinstate sales of mining lands at cheap prices as part of its budget cut plan approved Friday, a move that could transfer into private hands up to 20 million acres of public lands on Western ranges, national forests and even national parks.
North America's largest Jewish group decided to go on the record opposing Alito.

Biden figured out which way the wind was blowing and decided that maybe, after all, it might be okay to Filibuster Alito.

Porter Goss insists that the CIA's methods are unique but not torture.

And, finally, Michael Scanlon, a partner of Abramoff, has just been charged with "conspiring to defraud American Indian tribes of millions of dollars in a scheme that lavished trips, sports tickets and campaign donations on a member of Congress."

There's other stuff about Iraq in there, too, but really, we all know where that's going (insert flushing sound here).

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