Friday, December 9

Sexism demonstrated clearly

Old news, from January 2005, from Polling Report, reporting on a Fox News poll:
"If your party were to nominate a woman for president, would you vote for her?"

Overall: 61% yes, 14% no, 25% unsure
Democrats: 76% yes, 7% no, 17% unsure
Republicans: 48% yes, 20% no, 32% unsure
Independents: 59% yes, 15% no, 26% unsure
Now... I think it's silly to agree to vote for anyone whom you don't know, but I also think it's fascinating that Republicans, who tend to have incredibly fierce party loyalty are so reticent to commit to the concept of having a woman president. The other interesting thing is the breakdown by gender. If you look at the original poll data, men and women break down within the margin of error. There's no statistical difference between men and women in this poll, nor is there a statistical difference between overall results, independents, men and women.

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