Friday, May 4

Friday Bird Blogging: Osprey

I'm in a rush and forgot to do this this week until right now so I'll make this quick:

Ospreys are amazing birds to watch fly. This is one of my favorite Opsrey pictures, taken near dusk, with the evening light shining clearly on its wings and a glistening face.

As usual, the thumbnail points to a much larger version.

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rednalsi said...

If you like osprey you ought to get up to the stretch of route 2 before Sandbar State Park in Milton, VT. Honestly I've seen so many now between the adults and fledglings they tend to bore me.

On the other hand there have been immature and adult non-nesting eagles at Lake Carmi, specifically around the state park for the last 3 summers. Now those are a sight to behold.