Thursday, August 9

Julie Waters e-notes: Thu, August 9, 2007

For those of you who don't know-- I recently had a theft of a lot of camera equipment. Details on that are at:

I'm not writing to talk about that, but that does provide some context for what I am talking about. I've finally replaced everything I had that got stolen that I wanted to replace -- I had a couple items that I didn't think were as useful as I thought they'd be when I purchased them, but most of what I had before I replaced. The hardest thing was a particular brand and model of teleconverter which, it turns out, took me some time to track down but I eventually found one and it only cost half what I originally paid for the one that got stolen, so that works out well.

I made some better choices this time; I had a low-end Pentax lens that I had used for wide-angle work that was never that great a lens, so I replaced it with a higher-end Sigma that's REALLY nice. It's how I got this picture:

It turns out this was all a lot more expensive than I'd thought. The replacements cost me over a grand, and insurance is only covering a portion of that. The replacement window on the car was another $200 over that. So it's been a bit of a mess. And now I'm paranoid about leaving anything in my car, so there's that, too, where I lug my camera equipment around with me wherever I go now. I'll get over that eventually but now I feel sort of stupid doing it even though I know I need to.

So... photography's good again if not a little stressful from time to time. And on to music...

Music's interesting right now. My mind's really spinning with new ideas and I'm getting all sorts of thoughts about how to work them all out. I'm seriously considering a new CD, focused primarily on trio work between baritone, banjo and six-string, working on my usual mixtures of stuff. I'm getting a new pickup for my baritone so I can do more performing with it and I'm trying to find a compatible pickup for the six-string banjo as well.

In the meantime, I don't have a lot of other news. I'm not actively seeking gigs right now, but if I find them, I'll be glad to do them. I'm playing from time to time. My Tuesdays are going to be free again after next week, which is nice, because it means I'll be able to start doing the song circles in Putney and those with Kindred Folk again. I've missed those events and I'm glad to have the time opening up.

In the meantime, we're taking a week off at the end of the month to mellow out, hanging out at a house on Cape Ann, doing bird photography and whale watches, so you'll see a lot more updates on the photography part of my site than on the music. In the meantime, once I get my baritone guitar back, I'll be updating podcasts and other music stuff with solo baritone work as well.

Hope everyone is well.
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