Wednesday, May 21

Wedding Bells for George "Sulu" Takei

Per Reuters:

Actor George Takei, best known for playing Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek," says he plans to wed his longtime partner now that the California Supreme Court has overturned a state ban on gay marriage.

Takei, 71, told Reuters on Monday that he and Brad Altman, his 54-year-old business manager, are going through the "delicious process" of planning their nuptials.

(h/t Meteor Blades)

This is really nice to hear. Takei's been out for an awfully long time, but he's also incredibly outspoken on gay rights, on human rights (he was interned with his family during WWII) without ever being hostile or bitter. He's a tremendous spokesman and I have a great deal of admiration for him. I can't find the archive of the audio for this, but on coming out day (October 11), I think in 2006, he gave an amazing interview to David Bender on Air America radio in which he discussed the experience of being interned and still spoke of everything with an incredible sense of optimism and hope.

He is also, by the way, *incredibly* funny:

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