Wednesday, November 28

Anti Gay Mass Resistance Shows its True Colors

Hat tip to Pam's House Blend for this.

The anti-gay group, MassResistance, is clearly off its rails. It hasn't been updating its web site for awhile, and one of the last posts they made involved a great deal of personal detail about the daughter of one of the of the group's members. This includes some specifics about the kid's special needs history. It's beyond horrible:

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS (NOV. 7, 2007) Homosexual activists - possibly in cooperation with school staff -- have viciously targeted a 17-year-old special-needs student, the daughter of Amy Contrada, a MassResistance staffer. (It's outrageous that a parent is now forced to reveal once-private information in order to stop this assault.)

I love that. They fully admit that they're revealing "private information" but pretending that they've been "forced" to do so.
Their statement continues:

Claudia Contrada was born in Korea and was adopted by Amy and her husband as an infant. Claudia's special needs include psychological/emotional issues and learning disabilities. Amy and her husband had Claudia enrolled in private parochial schools until her special needs exceeded those schools' abilities to deal with them. Thus, in seventh grade, they had no choice but to enroll Claudia in the Acton-Boxborough public school system.

But Claudia is talented in singing and especially acting. She has a beautiful voice and a fantastic memory for lines and lyrics. She has won awards for her acting. Her therapists said that Claudia's participation in the school's drama program is directly related to treatment of her special needs.

While the group is welcome to have whatever opinions it wants about the school, the events involved, etc., it's unconscionable to air the kid's personal details in public like this. By engaging in this sort of behavior, MassResistance verifies what many of us have known all along-- they're not trying to defend anyone from anything. They're a group of hateful, bigoted people, who don't understand the difference between political activism and personal destruction.

There's a lot more here in the link I provided which suggests not just invasion of privacy, but desperation and fear on the part of MassResistance. The daughter in question came out of the closet during the whole event outlined and they, of course, blame activists for this and treat anyone who's come in contact with the daughter as a group of predators.

This isn't just awful. It's sad and pathetic.

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