Wednesday, November 21

Friday Thanksgiving Bird Blogging: Cattle Egret at Parker River

While you might have expected me to go for some form of turkey (wild turkey, turkey vulture, turkey in the straw), I decided instead to go for my most recent awesome sighting.

Cattle Egrets are common birds in the Southeast, but in the Northeast they're an unusual (though they do show up during migration season) sighting. This one in particular was not only visible, but actively feeding very close to the parking area at Parker River Wildlife refuge's North Pool overlook.

The best part of taking pictures of this Cattle Egret was how it apparently decided that I didn't have enough good shots of it, so it flew directly across the parking lot so as to land on a fence three feet from my car and then let me move around to photograph it a bunch more from a better position and angle.

I swear: People who want their pictures taken are not as cooperative as this bird was.

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