Wednesday, June 18

Butterfly Dreams

Monarch Butterfly in flight

I go through these days when I just can't think of anything particularly meaningful to post that hasn't been said already. I'm into all the political stuff that's going on, and I'm reading, but my brain just can't think of anything relevant to add. Sometimes, on days like this, I do photo diaries, usually of birds or of light drawings.

Today, I thought, maybe I should do something about butterflies.

I do a lot of birding, but sometimes (actually, kind of often) things can get quiet while birding and I'll notice interesting insects. Fortunately, my camera allows me to get decent insect photography as well. While I don't know much at all about insects, I do know I enjoy photographing them. After the fold is a mixture of butterfly and moth pictures, many of which I've managed to identify (with help), but some of which I haven't.

*Note*: these are smaller versions of the photos, all of which are hotlinks to the larger version. The links also frequently tell you what kind of camera I was using when I took the photo and if it's my primary lens, they've got a "Sigma 50-500mm" tag added. That's the lens I use for most wildlife photography and is very flexible in the field.

My primary camera is a Pentax K20d, but some of these were taken with earlier models (*ist, K100D, K10d). That said, here are the butterflies:

This photo is of a mystery butterfly. I don't know what it is, but I'd appreciate any help. It was taken at Parker River Wildlife Refuge in early October of 2007:

I've no idea what this butterfly or moth is, but it's absolutely gorgeous.

This is a pair of white admirals, which found something it liked on the ground near our campsite a few years back.

Butterflies rarely stay still for me.  I'm thrilled that I came across this group of white admirals.

This is an atlantis frittilary from Woodford, VT from two years ago:

Atlantis Frittilary

This is Tiger Swallowtail from our garden, taken while I was still using a 35mm camera:

This butterfly showed up in our garden one day.  All I had in the camera was 64-speed Kodachrome, so I had to do the best I could with a very difficult shot: no time to set up tripod to get better depth of field, but I still think I got something decent out of it.

This Common wood nymph also came from Parker River Wildlife Refuge, from August of 2006:

Common wood nymph.

This Black Swallowtail showed up while we were up on Putney Mountain watching hawk migration a couple years ago:

Black Swallowtail observed in a lull period during hawk watch.

This red admiral showed up in our gardens one day:

Red admiral.

This mystery moth was in our gardens last year:

Not sure what kind of butterfly or moth this is.

This Milbert's Tortoiseshell was flitting around while we were looking for obscure sparrows this weekend. No obscure sparrows, but nice butterfly:

Thanks to folks on the NH Bird group, I was able to discover that this is a Milbert's Tortoiseshell.

This is a Silver-Spotted Skipper from our gardens:

Silver-spotted skipper, feeding off of a flower.

This Great Spangled Frittilary was in a spot we found while driving around the Island Pond area in Northeastern Vermont:

Great Spangled Frittilary close-up

This creature showed up while we were looking for unusual birds in Kennebunk, ME a few weeks ago:

No idea what kind of butterfly or moth this is.

And, to close, one more photo of a Monarch Butterfly:

Monarch butterfly on thistle.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful butterfly photos! helped me identify some in my own garden. many thanks