Monday, February 12

Surely the end times are at hand.

Newsflash: Daily Kos and the Free Republic actually agree on something: the SAFETY (Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act) Act sucks.
A bill introduced to the US House of Representatives would require ISPs to record all users' surfing activity, IM conversations and email traffic indefinitely.

The bill, dubbed the Safety Act by sponsor Lamar Smith, a republican congressman from Texas, would impose fines and a prison term of one year on ISPs which failed to keep full records.

In addition to the complete loss of online privacy, I forsee a lot of ISPs going out of business. All that extra storage is going to cost.

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Julie in VT said...

I wonder what sort of jurisdiction they'd have over people who run their sites out of other countries. This could lead to a whole other kind of outsourcing.