Wednesday, February 28

Things that Give me a Headache

I just got the following three headlines from the Out for Democracy mailing list:

Largo official plans sex change-- this was surprising, but I thought "that's really cool that someone feels comfortable enough in a public position to do this."

The next headline was a Letter from the city official with some really nice stuff in it:
Many transsexuals who make the decision to transition to their proper gender are often forced to quietly leave their job in order to avoid embarrassment and discrimination. However, it is not my nature to run from difficult challenges. I take tremendous pride in being your city manager and a part of our Largo family.

Working with so many dedicated employees over these many years is the most rewarding professional experience of my life. I have devoted my passion serving this community and building lifelong friendships and I am unwilling to just walk away and hide.
The next notice I got, however? Not so nice. It read: "Largo starts process of firing manager who wants sex change."

At least the mayor has some integrity, saying that Stanton has "...done a great job for us... done what we asked... taken the heat over and over and over again..." But the most of the rest of the council wants to throw Stanton under a bus.

This is just pathetic.

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