Friday, March 2

Friday Bird Blogging: Juvenile Bald Eagles

Last weekend we took a visit to Parker River Wildlife Refuge and, as happens occasionally, there was not a whole lot of particular interest. So we decided to check out Amesbury instead. After a lot of far-off looks of juvenile bald eagles (and some nice views of full adults), with lots of cool shows, we were ready to head home when we were rewarded with a spotting of a juvenile just sitting in a tree over the Merrimac river.

This bird sat around for more than an hour as I took photos of it, trying to be ready for when it eventually would be sure to fly off. It never did fly off while I waited, but I got some amazing pictures of it during the time it was there. (the image on the right links to all the eagle pictures from the day, all of which are of juveniles).

UPDATE: this morning I did an animation loop of a juvenile Bald Eagle in New Hampshire. What do you think?

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Larry said...

Those are some nice pictures-I get aggravated that I don't know how to do some of the neat stuff you're doing like linking all pictures to one.