Sunday, March 25

Not Separate and Unequal

Black teenager--shove hall monitor, go to prison for seven years.

White teenager--burn down house, get probation.

White man--run down black woman and her 3 year old grandson in truck, get probation and an order to send the family a Christmas card every year.

"Shaquanda started getting written up a lot after her mother became involved in a protest march in front of a school," said Sharon Reynerson, an attorney with Lone Star Legal Aid, who has represented Shaquanda during challenges to several of the disciplinary citations she received. "Some of the write-ups weren't fair to her or accurate, so we felt like we had to challenge each one to get the whole story."Among the write-ups Shaquanda received, according to Reynerson, were citations for wearing a skirt that was an inch too short, pouring too much paint into a cup during an art class and defacing a desk that school officials later conceded bore no signs of damage.

To some in Paris, sinister past is back | Chicago Tribune

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