Tuesday, November 7

Election Day: All Atwitter

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really excited about tonight, and also in mild panic. I just woke up from a dream that Bush and Cheney declared martial law and then realized they didn't have an army left to enforce it.

I love elections, but I sort of hate them too just because I've rarely been happy with the results and these days I'm scared that the results are simply not what people claim them to be. On the plus side, the big Republican robocalling scam seems to be getting attention all over the damned place, so maybe this is one time where the dirty trick is too dirty to have escaped attention.

But, basically, it's down today to just getting people out to vote, and if the votes -are- counted accurately, it's going to be good news for the Democrats. I'm not a great fan of the Democratic party, but I'd rather have people with whom I agree 40% of the time in power than people with whom I agree 4% of the time, so there you have it.

Okay, now to breakfast, and figure out where we're going to help out today.

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