Thursday, November 2

An odd coincidence

On a recent episode of the Rachel Maddow Show, she made a reference
to how the GOP had decided to pull out of several house races, one of
which was an obscure Colorado rep named Rick O'Donnell. Survey USA
has him down from his Democratic opponent by a very wide margin (last
I checked, it was 54-38 pts.).

So I'm listening to that show and thinking "why do I know that name?"
It sounds awfully familiar.

And then it hit me. That's the guy who had the health care quote
that ended up on Martha Rainville's web site.

Oh, and after the national GOP bailed on O'Donnell, the local GOP
sent out a direct mail flyer about his opponent which was designed to
look just like a sexual predator notification letter.


Now -that's- desperate.

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