Saturday, November 4

Slimeballs at Work

It looks as though there are Republican robocalls happening in quite
a few states, including my neighboring New Hampshire where I'm at
work on the Hodes campaign.

The problem is that these are calls which make it sound as though
they're from the Hodes campaign, calling people over and over again,
at all hours. You don't learn that they're -not- from the Hodes
campaign until the end of the message. Of course, with a three
minute message, and multiple calls over and over again, people just
hang up, pissed off at the Hodes campaign.

As far as voter suppression tactics go, it's probably one of the more
clever ones, and it demonstrates -so- clearly that there's nothing
these people have in the way of actual -issues-.

This is politics which is toxic to its core.

We deserve better.

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