Monday, November 27

The war on... peace??

In Colorado: Lisa Jensen hung a peace symbol-shaped wreath on her house. The homeowners' association president ordered her to take it down, citing concerns about Satanism and anti-war sentiment. When the entire architectural committee disagreed with him, he fired all of them.

Read the whole heartwarming tale here.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the "war on Christmas(TM)" would intersect with the war in Iraq, but jeez.


OK... the homeowners' association have since changed their minds.


Julie in VT said...

I remember in college when the Campus Crusade for Christ tried to convince us that the peace sign was a satanic symbol. I didn't realize that there were still nutcases out there peddling that crap.

JP Burke said...

If God had meant us to have peace, he wouldn't have given us NeoCons.