Wednesday, October 4

A few Rainville updates

I've been on the road most of today; when I checked this afternoon, Rainville's whole site was finally taken down.

The reformer has a really nice editorial about the problems the stolen ideas incident created.

But now, something seems ready to blow the whole stolen ideas concept out of the water. Peter Freyne's print column has a broad story about the Vermont political scene which suggests a fairly major problem during Rainville's tenure as head of the VT National Guard. Per Peter:
As for the charge she covered up an internal Guard pornography probe — she denied it. “That’s completely untrue,” said the Vermont congressional hopeful. “I had a relatively short incident that I dealt with immediately,” said Rainville, “and since then some other stuff has developed that Mike is having to deal with. This is not something that either one of us would take lightly.”
I'm thinking that this isn't a week Rainville is going to be looking back on with pleasure.

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