Monday, October 9

Political Vandalism

I noticed this weekend that quite a few of the "Bernie for Senate"
signs in the area have Martha Rainville bumper stickers on top of
them. While I find it plausible that people would support both
Sanders and Rainville, I somehow doubt that's what's going on here.

What's more likely is that someone supporting Rainville is doing
something slimy: vandalizing Bernie signs which can't be easily
replaced in order to create the illusion that a widely popular Senate
candidate is supported by the same people who support a
not-so-popular house candidate.

Martha Rainville, if she wants to support the notions and ideals of a
clean campaign, needs to put a stop to this immediately. She needs
to announce to her supporters that they need to stop it and that
running a clean campaign doesn't just mean for her, but for everyone
who supports her as well.

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