Monday, October 9

I Wish I'd Voted for Jeffords, just once

Peter Freyne's blog has a great story on Jeffords and Rainville.

The quick summary: the NRCC has an ad for Rainville which features a picture of Jeffords. Jeffords tells them, in short, knock it off; I didn't want to be involved in this election, but since you decided to appropriate my image for partisan purposes, I'll say openly what I've said in private: I don't want your candidate to win. Peter Welch is a better choice for Vermont and for the future.

I voted against Jeffords the first time I was eligible to vote in Vermont. I liked the guy, but I wasn't about to support a Republican for any Senate seat. I'm not sorry about my vote, but if I knew then what I knew now, I'd have voted for him in a heartbeat.

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Mike E said...

Yeah, you know I did vote for Jeffords in 2000 -- a raw gut-shot choice I made because it felt right.

Best vote I ever cast!