Tuesday, October 3

"We are reworking the wording of our issues"

The phrase "we are reworking the wording of our issues" suggests to me that somewhere, the point got lost.

This isn't just about stealing words from other people. No question: that's bad. But what does it mean when a candidate has to steal policy statements from other politicians?

I'm not naive. I've been watching politics for long enough that I know not to expect anything new or original from politicians. I know that people write speeches for them and that not everything they say is likely to be their own words.

But I still think this is different. This is not merely echoing talking points. This is letting other people write your policy agenda and signing off on ideas which you may not even understand or comprehend.


Anonymous said...

Julie in VT,

I thoroughly enjoyed your discovery about Martha's plagiarist.

How pathetic that a) her staffer has to copy ideas from elsewhere and b) she can't write her own pieces for the web.

This will NOT play well in the Green Mtn. State, in my opinion.

Congratulations. You have uncovered another Republican fraud and done great service to this country, considering the import of these coming elections.

I run Yankee Doodler, which along with the outstanding Blue Granite and NH-02 Progressive, had a hand in discovering that Charlie Bass's policy director had been "concern trolling" our blogs from House of Rep. computers.

I think it's time for a GOP blogger ethics conference :)

Anonymous said...

Julie in Vt. --

Nice Job!

Great to see this hit the AP.