Monday, October 16


I don't know if any of the rest of you caught the Connecticut Senate
Debate that aired this afternoon, but it was quite unexpected.
Schlessinger did a lot of damage, and not to Lamont. His attacks on
Lamont were exactly the same as Lieberman's-- no real harm to Lamont,
but he launched the exact same attacks on Lieberman and I think
that's going to hurt Lieberman's conservative base.

Schlessinger was respectful, but strong-willed, and nothing like the
candidate we'd been led to think he was. I wouldn't vote for him;
he's an avowed conservative, but from a rhetoric and charisma
standpoint, he clearly won this debate. Lamont came across as
acceptable, but not spectacular, and Lieberman came across as a fool.

Lamont, for his part, focused almost entirely on Lieberman, which
made perfect sense. There's no reason for him to go after
Schlessinger. Schlessinger looking good -improves- Lamont's position.

Lieberman just fell back on the same crap he's been pulling all
along: complaining about attacks by attacking Lamont. I don't think
he was expecting Schlessinger to come across so well and it seems to
have thrown him for a loop. The next debates should be interesting,
and I can't wait to see the post-debate polls. Lieberman's at his
worst when he feels his position is threatened, and if the polls
tighten up due to Schlessinger's performance, the next debate could
do Lieberman real harm.

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