Friday, October 20

More Trouble for Martha.

On Martha Rainville's web site, you can find the following statement:
Former Rep. John Freidin, D-New Haven, also spoke highly of her when he first nominated her for election. “Martha Rainville’s record is one of optimism, creativity, initiative, determination and strength”, said Freidin.

In a letter to the editor in today's Rutland Herald, you can find this statement from John Freidin:
Nine and a half years years ago, I nominated Martha Rainville to be adjutant general. While I have no regrets that I did so, I was flabbergasted to learn that Ms. Rainville is using a quote from that speech on her Web site to bolster her candidacy for Congress.
Note exactly what he's saying here: he nominated her to be adjutant general. What does Martha's web site claim? It refers to when he "nominated her for election." When did this nomination take place? Nine years ago.

Perhaps if I ever run for office I should quote from the letters of recommendation I got for graduate school. They were very complimentary and highlight some of my better qualities.

That's the ethical lapse, but there's a political problem it creates for Martha. Freidin continues:
Although she served nine years as adjutant general, Ms. Rainville is not someone I would recommend for the far more challenging job of representing Vermont in Congress. In particular, I have been struck by her unwillingness or inability to take a stand — on Iraq, global warming, health care reform, federal tax cuts that have helped millionaires — or even whom she favors to lead the next Congress. Denny Hastert?

I enthusiastically support Peter Welch for Congress. He understands the issues and has repeatedly had the courage to tell Vermonters where he stands. Peter has grappled with public policy for years as a state senator, president pro tem of the Vermont Senate, and Democratic candidate for governor in 1990. At this critical time, Vermont needs Peter Welch as its representative in Congress. We do not need someone who neither speaks clearly on the issues nor has the courtesy to ask permission before using a quote from someone she has not spoken to in nearly 10 years.
I'll just leave it at that.

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